Friday, September 18, 2009

Look out, world! VeganMofo is here!

It's tons of Vegan food, ALL MONTH!

That's right, friends, October is upon us. Which, of course, means that the Vegan Month Of Food (aka VeganMofo) is hitting the blogs. If you're unfamiliar, this is where tons of foodie bloogers, vegan and non-vegan, will blog nearly every day about my favorite topic. Expect the web to be overrun with delicious recipes, stories, and food photography (and many, many, words).

This is an exciting month for me for several other reasons, as well. For one, I'm moving in to a brand new apartment with my darling significant other, and am going to be breaking in a brand-new kitchen among other things. Also, one of my very best friends from college will be getting married, so a trip (including the significant other) back home will take place. Also, I'll be ramping up my work on Augusta Vegan Bakery and working hard to get the word out. A lot on my plate. Naturally, I should choose this month to participate, right? Of course. In reality, it means I'll have tons of fresh material to share, and probably will want the occasion to spew about it, every day.

So, as soon as the move is over, La Vie En Vegan is back on track.

Hope to see you then!

For more information on VeganMofo, please visit Kittee's blog, Cake Maker to the Stars.